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frequently asked questions

When can we Check In and when do we have to Check Out?
Check-in is no earlier than 1pm. Check-out is 10am at the latest.

How do I Check In?
Tenants must stop by the Avalon Real Estate Agency office at 30th Street and Dune Drive in Avalon on the day of check-in. There you will receive a key to your property along with a welcome packet.

How do I Check Out?
The majority of our rental property owners provide a cleaning service between rentals to ensure your enjoyment from the moment you walk in the door. Tenants are required to leave the property in a cleaning-ready condition in preparation for the owner's cleaning service. Please check with your agent on the specifics of this policy. Drop your rental key off at our office on the way out of town.

What is the deposit and payment schedule rental properties?
A 50% rental deposit and a $35 rental-processing fee are due at the execution of your lease agreement. The remaining balance and security deposit are required to be paid 30 days in advance of your check in date.

Am I able to visit the rental property before signing a lease?
At Avalon Real Estate Agency we have a "Sight Unseen policy". We strongly recommend you personally inspect any property prior to signing a legally binding lease to be sure it meets your requirements. If you decide not to personally inspect the property, you agree to be bound by the terms of the lease as if you had.

Can you tell me a little about beach access and beach access for properties located in or behind the High Dunes?
As a means to preserve our dunes, beach access is limited in certain sections of our island. A few of our beachfront homes do not have direct access to the beach and properties classified as behind the High Dunes (44th through 58th Street) section of Avalon have limited access to the beach via paths located at 44th, 48th, 50th and 57th Streets.

Do beach tags come with our rental property?
Beach tags are not provided with your rental property. You may purchase them while on the beach from the beach tag inspectors, or if you prefer, you may purchase them in advance through Borough Hall. Please go to the community section of our website to find more information on purchasing beach tags.

Will linens be provided with our rental?
Most owners provide pillows and bedspreads. All other linens will be the responsibility of the tenants. Do not forget to bring pillowcases, bath and beach towels, and sheets. Some of our visitors bring blankets for the occasional cool evening. There are several local sources for linen rental. Please contact us for details for local linen rentals.

Are pets allowed?
Pets are not permitted.


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